The Untold Story Of Education System

Education was just an additional and a part of life. But with the evolution of mordern world, there is a well polished need for education. There is a huge discrimnation about the fact what is the level of qualification you have instead are you educated? This is inturn affecting the status of knowledge required needed to be obtain to reach a point of high status in the society. In olden times, there was a differentiation and discrimnation between the literates and the illiterates. It was overcome by educating everyone and the level of education was held as an anchor to understand the level and limit the people. These things in the education system should be changed and we have losted a few much needed and recomended changes in the system of education.

The need to treat education as a part of life

There is a need to always stay ahead of othersand be unique. It is basically what the ‘survival of the fitest’ theory explains. The need to out do one other had given rise to so many things that in the end, it has now landed in education. You will be able to find these hilllarious ad cute posts of little kids feeling sad to do their homework or go to school. It is the truth that should be looked into instead of laughed at. 

People do not understand that it is affecting a three year old good enough that they want to find a way to make it stop. But, the parents think it is funny how the kids are making fools of themselves. It is the sad state of life. Kids are being assesed for their skills to remmeber and recite when they should be gooding out and gettitng to know the world better.

In several collectivistic cultures, you will find that the death due to suicide and attempted suicide cases in teens are due to the marks recieved in the boeard exams. A person’s intelligence is being based on these things like their thepretical knowledge and in some places just based on memorising. The solution to these problems can be found in schools like DSS Secondary School, Cambridge School and several other international schools who follow the portions approved like Pearson, Edexcel, Cambridge, and so on. Visit for further information regarding DSS Secondary School.

The syllabus and the activities done for the academic year by schools like DSS School, Montfort School, Standford, Stafford should be made common for student in the world. These syllabuses are light but they will need a whole analysis and comparatively study and grasp the knowledge of the assigned portion.

The Mixed System

The need to favour these is because people are going insane over the need to eatablish the fact that their kids are the best that they do not understand the fact that there is a maximum limit avaiable and the maximum limt their offspring can achieve. The above suggested schools have incorporated a way to involve the parents in the kid’s education life. The education system is devised into pravtical and theoretical needs which helps these people in their lives in the future.