Month: July 2018

Why Should Animals Be Taken Care Of?

Though most of us fail to see it, animals play just as important a role on Earth as human beings do. Though most of us ignore the fact that animals are creatures just like we are, it is important to take care of them as we share a planet. Abusing them and having them as objects of entertainment is now thankfully seen as ghastly an act as it could ever be, by at least some of the world’s population. However, the cruelty animals are exposed at the hands of human beings have not reached zero yet. Though many animal welfare based organizations strive hard raising awareness among the public regarding the importance of caring for animals, some fail to even regard it as being significant. But why should animals be taken care of? Read below to find out.


As the dominant race on Earth, and the only advanced one, it comes off as our duty to take care of those creatures that we share one sky with. Human selfishness knows no bound but as the only creatures with at least one sense more than the rest, it is our responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of those who help and support our existence on Earth.


It is only natural for anything not taken proper care of, to be destroyed. The same goes for animals. If not taken care of, the chances of them going extinct will only increase by a significant percentage. This, in turn, will be of great disadvantage to none other than us human beings, because most of our resources for survival rely on animals. Extinction of species will also contribute to the instability of many ecosystems, also playing a role in increasing the power of our worst enemy at present, global warming.

It isn’t required for everybody to undergo a tiring practical veterinary courses to show your love for animals, simple day to day activities like avoiding throwing litter everywhere will help a great deal.

You Are All They’ve Got

While we are absolutely able to care for ourselves with medical attention and what not, they depend on us for care since they are so obviously unable to carry out medical advances themselves. All they need is food, love, and veterinary care. Thanks to awareness, many people find care for animals their passion and don’t mind years of veterinary training courses just to protect them. In conclusion, though animals don’t demand attention and care, it is our duty to take of them as inhabitants of one planet. After all, a healthy planet contributes a lot to happiness.