ARCHIVES December 2017

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Tips On How Be A Better Employer To Those Working Under You

If you want to be a better boss to those working under you, we appreciate your thoughts. Here are a few tips that we feel will help you with your mission…

  • Make sure you pull your weight; be the person you want you employees to be – let’s face it; no one likes a slacker. If you want your workers and those to work hard and work smart, make sure that you are doing the same. If you are of a habit of leaving work early or not showing up for work randomly; your employees to will take it as an example, and be inconsistent in their work. remember that your simple presence will keep them in their toes; and force them to give them their bestespecially if you check up on them often.
    • Take care of their mental and physical health – having healthy employees is vital for the success of a company or business. Being healthy means they will be able to perform better; that too with fewer mistakes. If it is available to you, use OHS training resources to make sure your employees are at their best form when performing risky tasks. Make it mandatory that they use their annual holidays. Reward them for getting back in shape; have competitions like “the fittest employee of the month” with attractive prices to motivate them. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do if you put your mind to it…
      • Learning the best and most efficient ways of critiquing work and reprimanding employees – perhaps your line of work does not require that your employees be familiar with a forklift safety guide. But whatever your “Genre” of business might be, it’s vital that you know how to critique your workers or staff members work progress. Understand that yelling at them will not achieve anything. Rein in your temper and if yelling has to happen, make sure you do it privately; out of ear shot from the other employees. In contrast, you can take the liberty of praising your employees in public. Giving them small rewards like a small bonus payment or letting them go home a few hours early for the day will also motivate them further to work better.
        • Be flexible to the needs of your employees – it goes without saying that even though your employees are people who are required to do the tasks assigned by you (or someone else on your behalf), they too will have needs and emergencies of their own. If their health is failing, or they are having problems at home, it’s obvious they will not perform well in their tasks. Be flexible (logically and reasonably, obviously) to their needs.
          • Make the workplace a stress free zone – working under stress is no fun; especially if that stress is not related to the work but the work place. Apart from being friendly with your employees, you could also take the time to make sure your employees get along with each other. Having other benefits like a comfortable break room also makes your work place a more stress free zone…