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Foreign Educational Exposure In Asia

While many students travel to Western countries for higher education, it has now become quite the trend to introduce their state universities as affiliations with local universities in Asia for the convenience of students. This enables the students to pay their fee in local currency while being able to save a large amount on travel and accommodation expenses. Due to this facility, Asian students are not faced with demographic and geographic challenges which may come across while being educated abroad. Below are some of the selected countries that have provided this feature to students.

The Global Schoolhouse initiative which was launched back in the year 2002 in Singapore paved way for both local and international students to receive an experience of international education hubs within Asia. Even though this was a huge success at its launch, as time passed by, there was an evident drop in the enrolment of international students. This was due to the other Asian countries such as Taiwan and Malaysia also entering the competition by offering foreign education in their respective countries. Although there is a wide range of areas for a student to chose from, Singapore charges quite an expensive fee from students, next to Australia whereas its competitors charge much less.

In the recent past, Taiwan was able to open its doors to international education by internationalizing their universities and enrolling foreign students. However, this came up with removing the ban for Chinese students to attend these universities and just like a Singaporean or a British school Bangkok, the education has become widely open. However, due to the low birth rate in Taiwan, they are now at the threat of having to close down many universities by 2021.

Since there are only a very few foreign educational hubs to be found in Thailand, University of Central Lancashire in the UK has taken an initiative with an entrepreneur in Thailand to sign an agreement to grant access to International school Bangkok in Thailand for local students. Following this, other countries like the Netherlands, USA, China, Australia and Canada too have been able to base affiliations with local universities in Thailand, mainly located in Bangkok with a highly increasing enrolment rate.

The significance of Malaysian higher education colleges is that they offer the same degree programmes which could be found in Western countries such as the UK to a much affordable amount to students who show interest in enrolment. Therefore, there has been a high enrolment rate in the recent past in such universities of Malaysia. By analysing the above facts, you can clearly see that it is more profitable to enrol yourself or your child in such a university rather than spending those extra pounds or dollars in countries like the US or the UK.


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Why Should Your Child Study In An English Primary School?

As a parent your child is one of the most important people in your life. You want to see them do well and succeed in life. You would give them the best of available resources. Everything that you can do to make that journey easier for them, you would do it.

As a parent one of the most important things you would do for your child is decide where they would get their education. At present education is so vital in societies. The best jobs are given to people who are educated and can apply the knowledge into practice. Children can of course take the decision as to what kind of education they would want so they can get the job of their dreams. However this is at a much older age such as sixteen or eighteen. However when they are still little, their education depends on your choice. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you give them the best education you possibly can and the language in which this education is given matters a lot.

Language has a huge influence in a child’s life. The language they speak and learn while they are still young is the language that they would become very fluent in. Therefore the language you choose for your child to study should be prominent and help your child significantly in the future. So which language is the most useful language for your child? It is English, check this great International baccalaureate schools.

English as a language has so much importance. Even though it is not as widely spoken as Mandarin, the language has its benefits. It has been recognized as the official language of 53 countries. English is also one of the official languages of Hong Kong. Due to the fact that English is the official language in so many countries and regions, if your child is fluent in English they can travel to 53 countries in the world and not worry about communicating with locals. Furthermore they will have ample opportunities to seek a suitable higher education in any of these countries. Many universities even in countries that have not recognized English as official language would still offer their graduate studies in English. Therefore if you admit your children to English primary schools in Hong Kong, it would enable them to pursue higher studies in reputed foreign universities.

After completing higher studies, when your children want to find employment their fluency in English would make them more attractive to companies. Thus they would have an ample number of job opportunities. Therefore if you wish to secure your child’s future it is best to provide them education in English primary schools in Hong Kong.

As a parent, ensuring that your child has the best resources to navigate the world when he grows up is important. Therefore make the choice of where he is to get his education with care as your decision will influence the life he will lead in the future.


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Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Australia

We all have Australia in our bucket list, especially because of the uniqueness of the country. If you’re looking for a fun filled, adventure filled or a chilled holiday, you can get all that from Australia. Australia isn’t eyed only for the holiday experiences but Australia has a list of worldly recognized universities where anyone can major the field that they are interested in. because of the uniqueness, countless number of benefits and the peacefulness, Australia is a paradise for many and many are planning to spend the rest of their lives in Australia.


If you’re planning to get the Australian residency
The language used in Australia is English and to achieve the Australian residency, you will have to get through the pte practical test. The pte practical test will make the things a whole lot easier when dealing with the Australians. You will be given test to ensure your fluency even though you’re a beginner.

Australians are extremely friendly people
If you’re worried that you will not be able to fit in after you move to Australia, you’re worrying for no apparent reason. Australians love to socialize and it will not be hard to fit in. they love to chat and making friends in Australia will be a piece of cake. It is no secret that Australia is a sport loving nation. Even if you’re talking about cricket, rugby or any other sport, Australians are masters at it.

The unique experience
In Australia, you will experience things which you cannot experience from any other country. It has the most beautiful beaches in the world and you can enjoy the best of the best in Australia for beach activities like: surfing, scuba diving, you name it, Australia has got it. If you’re looking for a place where you can experience the beauty of the world beneath the sea level, the great barrier reef of Australia is the ideal place for that. In Australia, you will be able to witness the presence of many animals which can only be seen in Australia. The best examples are kangaroos and koalas. The indigenous people of Australia is said to be the oldest living of the earth and they are said to exist for 70000 years.
The weather of Australia can be really hot, especially during the summer, so will have to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays by using a sunscreen. However, you if you visit Australia, make sure that you get the best from what Australia has to offer.


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Reasons To Send Your Child To Preschool

Most parents think that kindergarten is the right starting point for their child. While it is a good place to start, it is not the best option. As you may already know, children begin the learning at a very early stage. So, by the time you send your child to the KG, your child would have already grasped a few things here and there. It is essential for you to make good use of this time by sending him or her to a preschool. If you think that this would be too much for your child, here is why you are wrong.

Opportunity for growth
This institution will be a great place for your child to learn new things. Remember that this is the first structured environment in which your child will be associating with children of the same age. This will not only allow your child to learn the basics, but will also teach him or her to follow instructions and make new friends. 

Before you send your child to an elementary school, he or she needs to know to behave in a social or classroom environment. Sending your child to an early learning centre will give your child the firsthand experience that he or she needs. This way, you can be assured that your child will not be nervous or awkward when he or she finally joins kindergarten. When your child gets exposed to a real-life educational environment during the pre kindergarten stage, it will be easier for him or her to adapt to the environment.

Cognitive and emotional development
It is known that the preschool age is where children learn and develop a great deal of skills. By sending your child to an early learning centre, you are giving your child the opportunity and resources to develop his or her skills. On the other hand, if you keep your child at home during the pre kindergarten period, it be an utter waste. Therefore, send your child to an environment in which he or she will be able to utilize his or her potential, also check this baby playgroups.

Nurtures curiosity
When children attend school for the first time, they might not be excited. This is due to the fact that they do not know the importance of education. This lack of enthusiasm will make the lessons boring and uninteresting for your child. However, if you send your child to a preschool, your child will understand how valuable and interesting classroom lessons can be. This pre-experience will definitely get him or her hyped up about joining school. 

Remember that it is never too early for a child to learn something important. So, sending your child to a preschool is not a bad idea at all.